Your privacy is very important to us. Prior to the publication of pictures, we send an email with a link to the event’s gallery of pictures to the ticket holders we have on file, requesting picture review. This gives ticket holders the opportunity to request the blurring of their face and/or person, before we publish the ‘official’ gallery of pictures on our website and socials.

If you subsequently change your mind and don’t want your picture featured, or if you overlooked the review email, you can ask us to edit your image by filling in the form on the relevant gallery page, giving us as much detail as possible to help us identify you, so that we can de-identify you where we can, in published pictures.

We ask that event attendees don’t take pictures and videos of others (except performers on stage) without the subject(s) prior consent. We respectfully ask patrons to keep phone activity to a minimum, and instead enjoy the party!

If you have any questions regarding our photography policy, please contact us.